Partner Spotlight: nextSource

"Meeting a client’s needs are the same regardless of industry. When I ultimately met Catherine Candland, the CEO of nextSource, I knew immediately that she shared the same entrepreneurial spirit."
Sam Rogers
SVP Workforce Solutions, nextSource

At ELEVATE, our success is measured by the amazing people and companies that we partner with. In this series, you will meet some of our partners, and gain insight into their business successes while learning more about what inspires them to drive forward.


Meet Sam Rogers, Senior Vice President, Workforce Solutions at nextSource. As an innovator and entrepreneur, Sam has an established reputation as a fierce negotiator, passionate leader and valued business partner.


In what capacity does your company collaborate with ELEVATE?

With a relatively new partnership, we are working with ELEVATE on our first solution with an industry-leading cosmetics company.  I have been working closely with the ELEVATE sales team and have been extremely pleased with the company and have forged some great relationships. We utilize the ELEVATE platform as it is ideal in addressing the needs of the client.  Additionally, the customer support team has been integral in helping to get the solution off the ground.


What do you like best about working with us?

Flexibility is key.  The company and the platform are not rigid in any way, shape or form. The team at ELEVATE is open to client solutions and works tirelessly to help solve issues.  Anytime a partner is willing to help you solve for an issue, it is greatly appreciated.


What made you change industries from broadcasting to a workforce solutions MSP?

I enjoyed a long career in the media space working for really great companies. When I started in the business, I got a GM job at small radio station which was extremely entrepreneurial in scope. Later, I moved to Washington D.C. with some unorthodox ideas, and began working with a team which turned one of the lowest rated, lowest billing radio stations into one of the most successful in just two years.   However, after moving on to a corporate role, it stopped being fun.  There was too much debt, too many personal agendas, and lots of internal politics.  It was time for a change.  I was used to an environment where I was challenged by the ideas of others, so I looked for a small/start-up or growth-mode organization, and I wasn’t concerned with the business sector. Meeting a client’s needs are the same regardless of industry. When I ultimately met Catherine Candland, the CEO of nextSource, I knew immediately that she shared the same entrepreneurial spirit and the company culture was exactly what I was looking for.  While not a start-up, nextSource is definitely in a growth mode.


Tell us about a favorite activity or cause that you participate in.

Two of my favorite activities are golf and fine dining. My family recently moved to Charleston, South Carolina which offers both of these activities in plenty.  Last week I was pleasantly surprised when I got my first hole in one! 


Do you have a leader that inspires you, and why?

Professionally, I admire Scott Herman and Ben Hill for the accomplishments they have made in their respective industries.  But, on a personal level, I most admire my parents who have shaped me to become the person I am today. My wife, an HR professional, also inspires me and keeps me on the straight and narrow on a daily basis.  I have also enjoyed watching my daughter grow into an independent, capable young woman as she navigates post college and her path to “adulting”.


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