Managing a global contingent workforce requires an inordinate amount of resources, particularly when the workforce spans a variety of special categories and is disbursed across many regions with varying cultural, regulatory and financial requirements.

These complexities can be a challenge for companies attempting to manage their contingent workforce globally. Effective VMS solutions must have the flexibility to support different execution models locally while providing a platform to report and manage globally.

The ELEVATE platform provides unlimited flexibility in sourcing models. For example, certain regions do not allow an MSP to provide billing and payment on behalf of an organization.

"Total global spend for the non-traditional workforce reached $4.5 trillion in 2018."

In these situations, ELEVATE’s Global Resource Tracking module supports the full lifecycle of contingent labor management except for financial disbursements. The module uniquely enables resource requirement management, sourcing execution, supplier management and time and expense reporting but integrates with the company’s existing financial systems for billing and payments.

Regardless of category or region deployed, a global contingent workforce can be managed under one integrated platform for seamless management and reporting.