ELEVATE’s On-demand Workforce Analytics solution improves executive level decision-making by providing real-time process and workforce spend information when and where it’s needed.

The analytics platform can be used to highlight process inefficiencies, find the right locations to perform work and consolidate supplier spend information for leverage in the negotiations process. The tool provides the ability to track spend and other metrics by date range, business unit, location, job category and resource type across the enterprise.

Why ELEVATE for Dynamic Analytics

Efficient analytics scaling:

Everything around the GoodData analytics platform is built to enable organizations to scale and manage their analytics efficiently in terms of cost and time. Customers are therefore charged per workspace and not per user, and moreover, the structure of workspaces itself facilitates the control over hundreds of end users and dashboards.

Embedded analytics

We integrate dashboards and insights throughout the application. All this comes with interactive and attractive dashboards and a self-service interface where end users can create their own dashboards by simply dragging and dropping.

On top of that, the platform sits on structures that are able to crunch any volume of reports and data loads our customers request us to

Why ELEVATE for Dynamic Visualizations

Use the Elevate data provider component to wrap any visualization, from libraries such as D3.js, Highcharts or Chart.js, up to your own custom code.


ELEVATE system provides complete transparency into the contract staffing process improving collaboration with providers


Publish discovered insights to KPI dashboards. No coding involved.


…or easily embed insights into your application using the .UI library.

Distribute Data to Our Customers

Serving analytical workloads generated by thousands of customer from a single warehouse is not feasible. ELEVATE organizes analytical data of our customers into customer-specific workspaces. This enables per-customer customizability and access controls so you can manage releases using our lifecycle management tooling. A declarative distribution service efficiently pushes deltas from your retrieved data into thousands of customer workspaces. We can deploy and schedule custom scripts to train and retrain machine learning models or to perform any custom data preparation logic.

Customize Charts and Graphs On-Demand

Create Reports Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Success looks a little different to every business. ELEVATE allows you to define what success means to your business and build reports around specific metrics that help you gauge that success.