For Employers
Next-Generation Contingent Talent Pool Engagement

ELEVATE Mobile Direct is loaded with a rich feature set developed to enhance connections between employers and their contingent pools of talent.

The mobile-first channel includes:  Talent Pool Curation, Talent Profiles, AI-based Sourcing, News Feeds and Forums, Push Notifications and Job Requirements, Direct Messaging, Advanced Analytics, Event Notifications, Billing/Settlements and Member Directory.

Employers can now leverage the mobile platform to engage with resources and push job requirements to highly-defined and targeted pools of contingent talent. Hiring managers are able to search, match, pipeline, shortlist resources for specific positions, and ultimately fill those positions using one of the most efficient processes on the market today. Once the position is filled, employers can manage work assignments with start and end date notifications, on-boarding and off-boarding, time and expense capture and reporting, and continually engage resources with news broadcasts and direct messaging.

For Resources
Long-lasting Engagement

With ELEVATE Mobile Direct, resources are able to subscribe to relevant talent pools and use the mobile platform to stay informed about job opportunities and manage their professional profiles.  Resource profiles are used to maintain current employment status, primary skill sets, certifications, areas of interest and availability. Talent pool members can leverage many of the collaborative features on the platform to engage directly with employers and individual members of the pool. Once engaged on an assignment, members can use to platform to record their time and report any job-related expenses.

The platform can also be used by employers to promote job events in various locations and targeted to specific talent pools. Employers are able to keep resources engaged with their brand by aggregating company news and talent pool-specific blog posts. 

En route to massive mobile engagement via finely tuned apps

Consumers are utilizing millions of applications in their everyday lives in order to facilitate their consumption of goods and services.

This expectation is rapidly moving to the workplace as well. Workers on the go need ready access to the applications that power their roles within an organization.

Why not a Mobile Website?
What’s the Difference?

Many organizations consider having a mobile-friendly website as their way of “going mobile”. It is important for a company’s web site to be optimized for mobile use, but that is not equivalent, nor can it provide all of the capabilities of a mobile app.

We are used to accessing apps such as LinkedIn or Chase Bank through our mobile devices. Based on statistics and consumer behavior, employees having access to a similar icon for their organization readily accessible on their home screen will influence behavior and increase engagement.

For building on-going engagement, mobile websites can’t:

  • Send push notifications
  • Best leverage device capabilities
  • Offer online access to content and functionalities
  • Design an intuitive mobile experience beyond standard website constraints
  • Take advantage of placing a valuable app icon on their users’ phones

What attracts workers to mobile?

  • Push Notifications vs. Emails
    Receive reminders to take action on employee tasks or be notified about important company announcements
  • On-the-Go Access vs. Desktop Bound
    Easily access files from anywhere with full desktop functionality
  • Personalization
    Set up preferences to streamline operations and create favorites
  • Usage of Phone Features
    Utilize built-in security, QR code scanners and GPS to enhance app usability

Making the Shift

The ever-changing state of the employment market is driving worker engagement and enhancing employer communication with these individuals. By meeting potential talent where they prefer to engage – on their mobile devices – organizations can reach talent quickly and effectively to procure and retain the best candidates.

One App for Everything

Workers can benefit from the functionality and convenience of a mobile app such as ELEVATE Mobile Direct. From managing expenses to coordinating company travel to learning about the latest company stock price, all information is contained in one centralized location, at the end of the worker’s fingertips.

A Year-Round Engagement App

A successful solution offers users the top engagement features they need in order to remain continuously connected within a well-designed platform. It gives workers the convenience they require for finding on-going value in their organization.

Top Engagement Features:

  • News Feeds Read news specifically tailored to a company or industry
  • Forums Interact with team members on pertinent company topics
  • Push Notifications Receive important company news and alerts
  • Resources Offering easier on-demand access increases utilization
  • Polls and Surveys Engage with talent pools to learn about their preferences
  • Directory Enhance collaboration within the organization with employee contact listings
  • Messaging Research shows that close to 98% of all messages are opened over the 20% of emails that are read. Ensure messages are received with the app’s messaging capabilities.
  • Sponsorship Sponsorship and member offers have been shown to increase app utilization