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OCTOBER 13, 2023


  • Automation: Automated invoice generation

  • Engagements: Approval workflow for budget related changes to engagements

August 18, 2023


  • Automation-led Integration:  Major integrations with several MSP partners’ back-office systems (Great Plains, JDE, and PeopleSoft)
  • Integration:  Ability for MSP partners to custom configure unique identifiers on all major database entities
  • Analytics:  Enabled digital QBRs through our Advanced Analytics feature
  • Automation-led Integration:  Three-way invoicing and payment integration with client AP system and MSP partner billing and payment systems
  • Automation:  Automated budget calculation for new job requisitions and enhanced budget vs. actuals tracking on engagements
  • Time & Expense:  Ability to ingest time from client timekeeping system on a daily basis and provide time-sensitive daily workforce management reporting
  • Mass Actions:  Mass update capability for engagement rates
  • Communications:  Actionable email notifications for engagement end-date extensions

January 11, 2021


  • Security:  Increased site security by implementing stricter password requirements. Includes enforcing minimum character length and character type combination rules.
  • Security:  Installation of heightened monitoring on failed log-in attempts, as well as employment of auto-lockout functionality.
  • Engagements:  Enhanced validation rules upon engagement cancel/close activity.  The Close and or Cancel options will now display based on whether the engagement contains valid timecards.

NOVEMBER 6, 2020


  • Time & Expense: Added a new client setting which allows a Time Entry Type to be set as default for new Engagement creation.
  • Reporting: New reportable data point added which alerts user when notes are present on a candidate submission.

OCTOBER 23, 2020


  • Automation: Task Library automation has been expanded to include Engagement Task set-up when a new Engagement Rate is created via the copy functionality.
  • Communications: Added additional recipients to the system notification sent out when a Job Requirement is closed. Now all Supplier partners working on a Job Requirement will be alerted when that Job Requirement has been closed, regardless of whether they have active candidate submissions.
  • Visibility: Extending the availability of our Additional Hiring Manager roles to Engagement records, providing increased dashboard visibility to client users aligned to these roles.
  • Time & Expense: Added a client setting which allows for the restriction of Supplier time uploads when client is using a 3rd party system of record for time entry.
  • Time & Expense: Built in some additional validation measures on the time loader reconciliation process to further ensure proper alignment to established work shifts.