Organizations are relying more and more on contingent roles to meet their overall demand for talent across the enterprise.

With this increasing demand, organizations need to put the right processes, tools and managed services in place to run larger and larger contingent workforce programs. 

Supply Base Sourcing Collaboration

ELEVATE system provides complete transparency into the contract staffing process improving collaboration with providers

"Open Bid" Functionality

ELEVATE “open bid” features creates competition on every opening while giving insight to staffing providers on where they should apply resources.

ELEVATE Mobile Direct

Enable direct-sourcing through commercial and social content

Analytics Powered by GoodData

Dynamic analytics with “drill in” dashboards and drag-and-drop reporting capabilities

Light Industrial Feature Set

Full-function support for streamlined light industrial settings including rate cards, shift differentials, mass actions and enhanced supplier enablement

The ELEVATE platform helps companies:

  • Enable the sourcing of higher quality talent
  • Reduce time to fill open requisitions
  • Provide a 7% - 10%+ cost savings through improved / optimized rate structures for talent
  • Enable additional cost savings through process improvements and administrative efficiencies
  • Evolve a higher quality supplier base with supplier scorecarding and active supplier management processes
  • Enable a greater ability to hit diversity spend targets, and
  • Reduce risk of non-compliance

Unique, industry-leading features include:

  • Mobile-enabled, branded MSP program communications and content distribution
  • Industry-unique open bidding
  • On-demand, configurable analytics
  • Supplier collaboration
  • Bulk requisitioning
  • Personalized resource engagement
  • Direct sourcing
  • “Did you know?” analytics at point of transaction
  • Mobile-enabled talent pool engagement
  • Multi-channel time and expense capture
  • Consolidated billing & payments with real time “Drill-in” reconciliation and error correction