With high-volume requirements and excessive resource churn rates found in the light industrial market, the need to quickly and completely create and fill job requisitions is job one for an LI-oriented contingent labor program.

The process also needs to be completely mobile-enabled to streamline the workflow when managers must place job orders wherever they may be whether it’s on the production floor, in the field, or traveling to or from the worksite. 

ELEVATE LI+ Advanced Light Industrial Features

  • Streamlined direct-to-suppliers requisitioning and fulfillment
  • Mass action capabilities on roster submittals, offers and offer acceptances
  • Multi-shift and shift differential support
  • Industry-leading advanced rate card administration
  • Supplier-enabled sales tax administration
  • Supplier-enabled onboarding status tracking
  • Multiple time capture options

The ELEVATE LI+ platform helps companies:

Unique, industry-leading features of ELEVATE LI+ include: