VMS Integration Landscape

While other vendors promote an embedded integration solution with just one partner, at ELEVATE, we believe it’s more important to create deep and scalable connections with the many enterprise systems our customers, MSP partners and suppliers rely on to operate their businesses.

Your Integration Approach - An Important Choice


Industry-leading, Embedded Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) powered by Workato

  • Low-code, no-code integrations
  • Workflow automations in addition to data transport
  • Access to 1,000+ connectors to enterprise applications
  • Implement in days / weeks vs. months
  • Scalable for future needs and growth

Embedded IPaaS at the Core of Automation and Integration

ELEVATE Connect Powered by Workato

As a result of an increasing demand for these system integrations and process automations, ELEVATE Connect offers an industry leading strategy centered around an embedded iPaaS (integration platform as a service) solution from Workato. This is a new paradigm of configurable enterprise integrations and workflow automations for total workforce and contingent labor management. ELEVATE Connect enables both business and IT teams to automate workflows. Results have shown creation and implementation of automations are 10X faster than native integrations.

Why Workato?

Our integration platform empowers more teams in your organization to create integrations easily and quickly with a visually intuitive experience. It securely connects to the cloud, on-premises databases and enterprise resource planning, legacy applications and more. It effortlessly synchronizes data at any speed, in real-time, scheduled, or batch intervals at any volume from a single transaction to billions of rows. It is built on a cloud platform that auto-scales, thus eliminating the complexities of infrastructure provisioning and capacity planning.

Key Features of ELEVATE Connect

Low-code, No-code Integrations

This low-code/no-code platform enables both business and IT teams to build integrations at five times the speed of typical integration platforms. This is achieved through accelerators like pre-built connectors. A fully cloud-native architecture that is built for scale and speed significantly reduces operational footprint and overall costs.

Workflow Automations

Our embedded integration and automation solution is accessible for users of any background by providing an intuitive build experience.

Implementation in Days or Weeks vs. Months with Other Solutions

  • A drag-and-drop interface that allows users to easily connect systems and create robust workflow automations
  • A straightforward way to map data between systems
  • Auto-generated descriptions at each step so that anyone can understand the workflow
  • An extensive library of functions and an SDK (software development kit) to expedite building custom solutions or sophisticated workflow logic
  • An ability to create, customize, and curate automation templates to expedite customer adoption or inspire their own workflow building

Access to 1000+ Connectors to Enterprise Applications

How does it work?

Low-code, no-code recipes

As a recent example proves out, an Elevate SaaS managed services provider (MSP) partner had the need to automate the high volume of financial transactions it performed on a weekly basis with one of its customers. ELEVATE Connect leveraged Workato to enable pulling detailed invoice information from ELEVATE and delivering it to the customer’s Coupa financial application via cXML protocol. The same invoice metadata was also delivered to the MSP partner’s Intaact® financial system. Once a customer payment was received by the MSP partner, the invoice in ELEVATE was updated with this payment information and the status of the invoice was updated to “paid by customer”, essentially automating the round trip of financial information related to the MSP’s billing and payments transactions. This automation significantly reduced the MSP’s administrative burden of managing hundreds of invoices per week for that one customer, and provided valuable payment information for suppliers, allowing them to reconcile their invoices more easily with payment information.

ELEVATE Connect is Embedded for our Customers’ Use

  • Leverage community recipes

  • Create your own recipes

  • Monitor usage