ELEVATE Launches Exclusive Mobile Talent Pool Engagement App

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – June 27, 2019 — ELEVATE, Inc., delivering world class total talent management technologies for today’s high performing, nimble organizations, today announced the availability of its innovative  mobile app, ELEVATE Mobile Direct. Developed to enhance long-term connections between employers and their contingent pools of talent, the platform includes a rich set of features to enable talent acquisition capabilities beyond the desktop. With ELEVATE Mobile Direct, companies can curate talent pools of highly qualified, known resources, and gain access to the powerful Talent Pool Management Platform to accelerate sourcing and engagement for short-term project needs or to be better prepared for future opportunities down the road.


Acquiring qualified contingent talent at a moment’s notice can be an arduous task for any organization. The competitive landscape of today’s extended workforce makes it difficult to find and attract the most qualified candidates during the brief time they may be available. Therefore, direct access to talent is essential for companies attempting to better connect with their contingent workforce.  In fact, Millennials, which make up the largest segment of the U.S. labor force (35%), consume most content on mobile devices, so providing mobile access is essential in serving this highly sought-after demographic.


With ELEVATE Mobile Direct, employers can directly engage with resources and push job requirements to highly defined and targeted pools of contingent talent. Hiring managers have the ability to search, match, pipeline and shortlist resources for specific positions, and ultimately fill those positions using one of the most efficient processes on the market today. Once the position is filled, employers can manage work assignments with start and end date notifications, onboarding and offboarding, time and expense capture and reporting, and continually engage resources with news broadcasts and direct messaging.


Additionally, talent resources can subscribe to relevant talent pools and use the mobile platform to stay informed about job opportunities and manage professional profiles.  Resource profiles are used to maintain current employment status, identify primary skill sets, certifications and areas of interest and recognize availability. Talent pool members can leverage many of the collaborative features on the platform to engage directly with employers and individual members of the pool. Once engaged on an assignment, members can use the platform to record their time and report any job-related expenses.


“With ELEVATE Mobile Direct, we have taken contingent labor management to the next level,” said Rob Morris, chief executive officer, ELEVATE. “We are excited to provide this powerful tool to our clients and their associated talent pools and we believe that the capabilities of the solution will be a game-changer for the contingent labor industry.”


To download the app, please visit our web site and access the link for your iOS or Android device.


About ELEVATE, Inc.

ELEVATE enables its blue-chip customers to solve complex contingent workforce challenges with a highly flexible, state-of-the-art SaaS solution. The ELEVATE platform was developed over the last decade to address the ever evolving corporate demand for an effective contingent workforce and is purpose built by industry veterans to solve these increasingly complex issues. Human capital often constitutes the largest single cost of doing business. Organizations worldwide are increasingly relying on an evolving supply of on-demand contingent workers, contractors, and consultants. To cost-effectively source and manage this on-demand talent, while maintaining compliance and regulatory standards, these organizations turn to sophisticated workforce management solutions, such as ELEVATE’s total talent and vendor management system (VMS).

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