ELEVATE Utilizes Clowder Mobile Engagement Solution to Enhance Functionality of the ELEVATE Mobile Direct App

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. and ALEXANDRIA, Va. – August 21, 2019 — ELEVATE, Inc., delivering world class total talent management technologies for today’s high performing, nimble organizations, and Clowder, the leading provider of year-round mobile engagement solutions for communities, have collaborated to drive the development and enhancement of the ELEVATE Mobile Direct App.  The talent pool engagement platform was released earlier this year and provides a rich feature set to enhance connections between employers and their contingent pools of talent.

Clowder is a mobile engagement solution for communities. The platform acts as a private social network, configured to individual organizations and their members or customers. The development of the ELEVATE Mobile Direct app took place over the course of a short three-month period and was brought to market in June 2019. This was a collaborative process as Clowder and ELEVATE worked together to leverage the platform’s useful set of features to best meet the company’s unique goals.

“Working with the team at Clowder was smooth sailing,” said Gary Allhusen, SVP Strategic Operations, ELEVATE. “We were able to turn Clowder’s base ‘membership’ app into a fully functioning Talent Pool Engagement Platform within a short span of time. With ELEVATE Mobile Direct, our clients are now able to build skill-specific pools of experienced resources and engage with them directly throughout the year as contingent labor needs arise.”

“ELEVATE knew they needed to cater to a younger audience to attract the dominant demographic that makes up their talent pools,” said Sergei Dubograev, CEO, Clowder. “Clowder was able to provide a mobile resource where millennials feel most comfortable, and we believe the new app will be an extremely valuable tool within the industry that ELEVATE serves.”

The ELEVATE Mobile Direct App is available today for iOS or Android devices.

About ELEVATE, Inc.
ELEVATE enables its blue-chip customers to solve complex contingent workforce challenges with a highly flexible, state-of-the-art SaaS solution. The ELEVATE platform was developed over the last decade to address the ever evolving corporate demand for an effective contingent workforce and is purpose built by industry veterans to solve these increasingly complex issues. Human capital often constitutes the largest single cost of doing business. Organizations worldwide are increasingly relying on an evolving supply of on-demand contingent workers, contractors, and consultants. To cost-effectively source and manage this on-demand talent, while maintaining compliance and regulatory standards, these organizations turn to sophisticated workforce management solutions, such as ELEVATE’s total talent and vendor management system (VMS).

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About Clowder
Clowder is the #1 year-round mobile engagement solution for communities. Clowder apps are configured to the branding and unique needs of individual organizations. The company’s mission is to modernize the market through a mobile-first approach to connectivity and communication. To learn more about Clowder, visit www.clowderapps.com.


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