ELEVATE Announces Availability of ELEVATE LI+, Bundling a Set of Advanced Features to Support Light Industrial Environments

Customer and partner collaboration drive unique platform features

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – March 24, 2020 — ELEVATE, Inc., delivering world-class total talent management technologies for today’s high-performing, nimble organizations, today announced the availability of ELEVATE LI+, a bundling of innovative features within its industry leading VMS platform, created for the unique needs of the light industrial market. The company designed its enhancements to the ELEVATE platform through a collaboration with a market-leading channel partner and several of its light industrial customers.

In light industrial environments, worker demand is driven largely by tight production schedules which can vary widely over time and across seasons. Manufacturers often rely on a temporary workforce to supplement their full-time workers in aligning a flexible manufacturing capacity with variable production needs. Fulfilling and managing a temporary workforce poses a number of unique challenges beyond managing an internal workforce. These include highly variable demand for workers over time, high turnover rates, payrate inconsistencies, multiple and varying shift schedules, job position compliance requirements, and excessive error rates in time reporting and supplier invoicing. These challenges unnecessarily add to administrative costs, time-to-fill rates and compliance risks found in managing a manufacturer’s temporary workforce.

ELEVATE LI+ streamlines direct-to-supplier requisitioning and fulfillment to accelerate time-to-fill rates. The mobile-enabled platform significantly reduces steps in procurement by connecting hiring managers with suppliers to support time-critical, high-volume requirements, and ultimately engages the PMO at the final stage of the process to ensure resource readiness and onboarding compliance. Hiring managers can efficiently take action on an entire roster of candidate submittals rather than processing individual submittals. The platform supports shift-differential scenarios to manage payrate complexities across jobs, shifts and worksites.

The tool can also be configured to provide multiple time capture options for improved time reporting and consolidated invoicing.

“The light industrial market has been an important market sector for ELEVATE, and we are pleased to provide these valuable enhancements to better enable those customers,” said Rob Morris, Chief Executive Officer, ELEVATE. “We worked in concert with our light industrial customers and channel partners to create a platform that addresses these distinct workforce requirements, and we are certain ELEVATE LI+ will help drive efficiencies and enhance operations and management of the light industrial contingent workforce.”

About ELEVATE, Inc.
ELEVATE enables its blue-chip customers to solve complex contingent workforce challenges with a highly flexible, state-of-the-art SaaS solution. The ELEVATE platform was developed over the last decade to address the ever-evolving corporate demand for an effective contingent workforce and is purpose built by industry veterans to solve these increasingly complex issues. Human capital often constitutes the largest single cost of doing business. Organizations worldwide are increasingly relying on an evolving supply of on-demand contingent workers, contractors, and consultants. To cost-effectively source and manage this on-demand talent, while maintaining compliance and regulatory standards, these organizations turn to sophisticated workforce management solutions, such as ELEVATE’s total talent and vendor management system (VMS).

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