Celebrating Women’s History Month at ELEVATE – Melinda Tanaka

As we celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth, we are featuring several of the women that drive innovation while personifying inspiration at Elevate SaaS.

Meet Melinda Tanaka, Director, Sales Engineering at ELEVATE. With over 15 years of contingent workforce management expertise, Melinda has designed and managed MSP/VMS programs for many industries.  At ELEVATE, she is responsible for ensuring that the platform meets the needs of the client’s program.

We spoke with Melinda (or Mel as we call her) about her thoughts on what Women’s History Month means to her:



ELEVATE: What message would you like to share with young girls out there to prepare them for success?

Mel: Have a plan.  Identify your next goal (no matter how big or small) and map out the steps needed to achieve it.  The execution of these steps will not only provide the qualifications necessary to obtain your goals, but the confidence to pursue them.


ELEVATE: What is needed most to support women in the workplace?

Mel: Create an environment where the sharing of ideas is encouraged, and the contribution of independent thinking is celebrated.  This allows for professional self-growth, as well as creates a workplace where innovation flourishes.


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