Celebrating Women’s History Month at ELEVATE – Shehla Yamani

As we celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth, we are featuring several of the women that drive innovation while personifying inspiration at Elevate SaaS.


Meet Shehla Yamani, VP, Professional Services at ELEVATE SaaS. Shehla has over 25 years of Professional Services experience including PMO leadership, management consulting and system implementation in multiple industries. She is responsible for implementation leadership and customer success.

We spoke with Shehla about her thoughts on what Women’s History Month means to her:


ELEVATE: What message would you like to share with young girls out there to prepare them for success?

Shehla: Be relentless. Go after the opportunities you desire. If you encounter roadblocks in your way, create your own path. Be grateful for the women who helped pave the path for you and pay it forward.


ELEVATE: What is needed most to support women in the workplace?

Shehla: We have come a long way but there is still more to be done to create equity in the workplace. Here’s what I believe:

  • Women need mentors (both men and women) so they can support them on their journey.
  • We need courageous leadership that accepts and even celebrates failure so that everyone can learn and innovate.
  • We need to create environments where women and men can bring their whole selves to work – a place that values diversity of voices, ideas, and leadership styles.


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